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Apparently Monday isn’t the only one to blame..

Today was filled with confusion as well..

Apparently I didn’t tell the sitter last night that I needed her for noon today not 10am..

Poor thing waited at our meeting place for 20 minutes with her baby.

I have good news! Well for me anyway.. The morning shift person wants to switch shifts after all.. Which is great!

But the sitter just started a month ago and now I will only need her maybe once a week now.. Which is a huge hour cut.. I feel sorta bad about that..

But I really want out of this bloody apartment building and saving on a sitter means savings in the bank for a house..

Or at least moving expenses to a townhouse.

I actually don’t think the shift switch was a genuine offer at first.. The woman I am switching with laughed when she asked me.. She laughed even harder when I said yes..

My boss has asked me 5X now if I plan on showing up for 6:30am.. Then seems surprised everytime I say yes.

I wonder if the morning shift girl thinks I am joking.. Am I going to show up and see her in uniform with a coffee in her hand and a surprised look on her face??

I guess I will find out tomorrow.

I wonder if the old guy is going to think I quit today.. Funny story.. He has been eyeballing me since I started here.. He hasn’t said more than good afternoon & his order to me though.

Today he finally gets the nerve to “ask me out”.. By ask me out I mean he said something to me about a religion he doesn’t follow then said he would like to take me sometime to see it.. In his car.. To the place with the religious thing.. Whenever I am not working..

Now I am going to be working the morning shift and will be long gone when he goes to get his usual lunch order..

How has your Tuesday been?

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