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Day off…

Wow.. What a day off it has been..

I have barely left the couch.. Except to do dishes & eat..

It has been so nice to do nothing. Neither job needed me today.. The one I put my 2 weeks in with doesn’t need me at all anymore. Well.. At least not the hours I am available anyway.. So I am done there..

From now on I am working from Monday to Friday and am home before my school age daughter is home from school.


On another note..

Tonight is Mexican night.. So I am making hamburger with Mexican spices and veggies and a little bit of tomato paste to make “Mexican sloppy joes” with rice on the side..

It was supposed to be Mexican seasoned hamburgers but the hamburger meat was still too frozen for that.

Lets see how they work out.. I have medium hopes..

Wish me luck!

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