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A very late blog..

For the few readers I have acquired.. You know I blog pretty early in the day..

It is now 9:00pm and I am finally writing..

It has been a long and sleep deprived day.. I have been awake since 2am thanks to Hurricane Sandy & a light sleeping baby..

Who woke up to rattling windows and refused to go back to bed until 5:30am.. Which just happens to be the time I wake up to get ready for work..

So I have been up for 19 hours now and the baby.. Tho cranky.. Is showing no signs of being tired..

She also took a short nap today & when it was my time to laydown with her.. She woke up.. And wouldn’t go back to sleep.

Aaaaaaaaand.. I got 4.5 hours of sleep last night..


And the older one earned an early bedtime by yelling at me..

I told her to get ready for bed.. I knew she wasn’t..

She always “gets ready” then half an hour after she is supposed to be ready and turning off her lights.. She goes into the bathroom and spends half an hour in there “brushing her teeth & peeing”

So I asked her repeatedly.. Did you get ready for bed?


Are you sure you are ready for bed?


You brushed your teeth?


You have your pull up on?


Then she starts playing..

I tell her that it is bedtime not playtime.. That she should only be out of bed if she still needs to finish getting ready..

She says okay and doesn’t go to bed.. So I ask her again if she is ready.. Since she wasn’t making a move for the bed..

She yells at me: I AM ready for bed!

As she goes to start playing again..

You did NOT just yell at me.. Lights out.. Go to bed.. NOW..

“But I didn’t go pee!”

You must have.. You just told me 5 times that you were ready for bed.. You just yelled at me for asking you if you were sure.. Lights out.. NOW.. And you will get “THIS” back.. In the morning.. Removes play object from child’s hand

Suddenly I am the worst mom ever according to her.. To which I replied..

After the way you acted tonight.. You are lucky going to bed right now & losing a toy over night is all you are getting.. I suggest you keep your mouth shut unless you want to lose more..

Big mama needs a good nights rest.. O.o

How was your day?

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