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Oh dear.. It must be Monday..

So.. I wake up.. Thinking damn.. I don’t wanna wake up.. I get ready to go out early so I can bring the baby to her sitter & playgroup day.

Lucky me the sitter can’t make it to playgroup so I can relax and have breakfast..

Guess what sweet wonderful chewable issuable squeezable baby decides to fall back asleep??

You guessed it.. Mine..

I get her stuff ready to go.. I sit and have my coffee.. And do a little surfing online to try and make some money..

I look at the time and realize.. I gotta get going..

Crap.. The baby is still sleeping..

Crap.. She needs another diaper change..

Crap.. She wants to nurse before she goes..

Okay.. Time to go..

Crap.. Half way to where the sitter is going to meet me and I realized I forgot my uniform.. I have to turn around and get it..

I finally get the baby to her sitter and I left my darn bus pass in the stroller..

There goes my bus.. *bang head on mental wall while chasing down sitter*

And.. Miss another bus on the way back.. Third one doesn’t take me to work..

Now I am on bus number 4 & am gonna be late for work..

It must be Monday..

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