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Monday, monday..

So today didn’t start off not so hot..

It began with a talk with le boyfriend about his job.. And mine.. And sacrifice.. I don’t really want to go into more detail than that..

Let’s just leave it at.. I didn’t feel to good by the end of it..

I took my baby to her sitter today so she could go to playgroup again..

And now I am off to rescue my boyfriend & cheat on my coffeehouse with my usual cup o joe.. After which, I get to go to a food place again to make sandwiches and salads for everyone else just to make my way home and start dinner too..


Whoa.. A bit of pent up frustration.. Sorry about that..

I miss the weekend already..

Have you ever sacrificed doing what you love for your SO  just to have them treat it like it meant nothing? How did you handle it?

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