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Still training

This morning was a panic.. My laundry card ate my money and didn’t add it to the balance.. I had to put more money on the card in order to do laundry..

Which in turn made laundry take longer than planned. My clothes were still in the dryer with 20 minutes to go when I had to head to work.

I grabbed my uniform and went to work 15 minutes before my shift was supposed to start and got there with 3 minutes to spare.. Close call.. But I made it.

Today at work was uneventful.. I haven’t yet learned all of my duties so it kept me thinking. I ended up staying 15 minutes late because I thought I was done 3 times before I was actually done.

Tonights dinner was a stir fry with Asian 5 spice.. I love it.. Plus it has ginger in it and I am fighting a mild cold.. Which is annoying more than anything else..

I blame my family for getting me sick.. My boyfriend got sick at work.. My 11 year old got sick at school.. They gave it to the baby.. All 3 of them finally got me..

I actually had to get tylenol at work because my headache was so bad. 😛


Question: what is your favourite Asian dish to make & can I have the recipe to try it out?

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