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This blog has no title

I woke up at 5am this morning and nursed the baby in her sleep.. She slept nursed for close to 45 minutes..

I went to work with wet hair which was disastrous because I had to put a visor & hair net on..

Oh yeah.. Sexy hat head on my freshly cut hair..

I forgot my phone at home today and didn’t even notice.. O.o
I guess I am not as addicted to my instant gratification as I thought..

It is so nice to be home for 11am and know that I am back in charge of Kaylee’s nap schedule.. If you can call it a schedule.. I would like to get her down for a single long nap so she will sleep at night.

When she was with the sitter she napped early and short.. So she would take a second time and stay up all night.

Now that I am home beforehand.. I can lay with her which will lengthen her nap.. And let me resume some guilt free naptime too

Yay for mommy!

I just watched “The daily show” where Barack Obama said “Not Optimal” oh my god people shut up!

He DID say it was tragic.. Listen to his WHOLE speech rather than cherry picking two little words to try and make him look bad.. It just makes you look stupid..

This election makes me happy I am Canadian.. The shit people talk about their president gives me a headache..

If you guys don’t want him can we have him?? Barack has done so much for you guys and you are so damn ungrateful..

Before Obama:
Employment was taking a nose dive
Bin Laden completely eluded the previous president
Health care? What health care?!?!?

Obama is making it better.. No it isn’t EXACTLY what you wanted it to be at, but damn.. What support did he get in fixing any of it??

He was given a shit storm and a toothbrush to clean it up with.. And still got stuff done!!!

Barack Obama.. If you don’t get elected in the states come on up to Canada.. I would love you to be our next Prime Minister..

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