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Sometimes I just want to scream

I thought we had had this talk already.. I thought we had dealt with this bloody issue..

I don’t care if my boyfriend goes out with his friends.. As long as he TELLS ME HE IS GOING!!!!

So.. Elan closes the store last night.. He has probably had a hard day.. Especially after I gave him shit about how seriously he should be taking his job..

But since when is that a reason to leave me at home with the two kids and the ringer on his phone off?

I’m furious.. I know it isn’t just our talk yesterday that is bothering him.. He couldn’t sleep last night.. So he stayed up and played video games.. He is either feeling guilty about something or hasn’t been able to let a bad day go..

Either way.. Isn’t that the kind of stuff you are supposed to discuss with your significant other??? Isn’t that what significant other means?!?!?!?

We live together.. We have 2 kids at home.. If I pulled the same crap he’d be upset too.. So why the hell am I supposed to take it in stride?

Men are so fucking stupid sometimes that it hurts my brain..

I need a coffee..

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