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Booty booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere!

What an inappropriate song to have stuck in my head.. I was singing it at work.. People were laughing.. I am glad my customers have a sense of humor.. I would be in a lot of trouble otherwise.. Haha It is a beautiful sunny day today.. I am going to take my girls to the park.. It has been cold and miserable lately.. Par for the course during this time of year so I am happy to find an Indian summer day.. I think I was being hit on at work today.. Though it is hard to tell with gov’t workers.. Never the less I mentioned I couldn’t wait for the weekend to spend time with my kids.. Hopefully puddle jumping.. The job has become easy.. Though it was so busy today I ran out of even the back up stuff for lunch and was making it on the fly. I am wondering if I still have bubbles.. It would be nice to bring them to the park with me. How do you make the best of a rainy weekend?

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