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I love the perks that come with the job<3

So my boss offers me muffins today to take home.. Yesterday muffins so we can’t sell them. I say okay then forget about it.. Just as I am about to head out he calls me back and reminds me to take some.

I did.. I asked the cook if she wanted any.. She said no.. I asked my boss if he wanted any.. He said no.. I took the majority of them and left 4 behind..

Not because I felt bad for taking them all.. But because I couldn’t fit anymore in my bag.

He told me that I would grow to hate muffins.. Not likely.. My daughter will take some to school.. My boyfriend will take some to work.. And I can spend less money on muffins for them on the grocery bill..

I hope they don’t make too many chocolate chip muffins.. *blink* *blink*


It will be hard to get sick of something I will probably not get a chance to eat..

What are the perks you get at your job?

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