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Can you get fired after you quit?

So I had 2 shifts next week at the place I gave my 2 weeks notice as of yesterday.. When I came in today there were no shifts by my name.. Just in time for thanksgiving weekend..

So.. The question is.. Do I get paid for thanksgiving still? Do I get to redeem the coupons I have earned and have yet to receive? What’s the deal?

I tried to get a hold of my boss to see.. She let it go to voicemail & didn’t return my call..

Are they really that mad at me? I tried to make it work with them.. I renegotiated a schedule with them.. It just didn’t make financial sense to stay.. I would end up in debt working for them.. I had to leave..

Now they won’t talk to me.. Cancelled my last shifts.. And haven’t let me know why.. Nor even let me know.. If I didn’t look at the schedule today I would have shown up ready for work for nothing..

I would have had my mother in law show up at my house for nothing.. She lives 40 minutes away..

Not cool..

I almost didn’t show up for my shift today.. I was feeling pretty ill this morning..

After the way they treated my customer last night I could have justifiably refused to anyway..

Meh.. Whatever.. The day is over.. It is best not to dwell.. I have two cute kids and an even cuter boyfriend to get home to…

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