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I feel like I am cheating..

I dropped my baby off with her sitter today early so they could go to playgroup.. I can’t wait to see how it went. Hopefully she is napping right now as she usually takes 2-3 hour naps starting around 1:30pm..

Since I had some me time I decided to surprise my boyfriend with breakfast & his monstrosity of a drink which has so much sugar in it you could go into a diabetic coma at the smell of it.

I got myself a coffee and breakfast sandwich while I was there.. Then wolfed back the sandwich as fast as I could and guzzled the coffee as I was approaching work.. Feeling unjustifiably guilty..

You see I work at Treats.. Where they serve coffee and breakfast sandwiches.. And I bought my coffee & breakfast from Timothy’s.. So I felt like I was cheating on my own store.. Which I know is ridiculous there is nothing wrong with the breakfast or coffee where I work.. Timothy’s was just closer..

That darn rhinovirus is starting to go away so apparently there is a god.. Or.. My body realized I have an immune system.. Whichever is more plausible..

(I am an atheist ’nuff said)

I only forgot 2 minor details at work.. So my brain is defogging. After a crazy 3 days! I can feel my IQ rising woot..

Wait a minute.. Where did woot come from?

Scratch the IQ thing..

Tonight for dinner is Italian night. Spaghetti, garlic bread & tums! Yippee!

What is your favourite Italian dish?

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