Why are you reading this? Scroll down for the good stuff.

So this page is supposed to be about me..

I am a mom of two, three if you count my boyfriend.. 🙂

I work part time in the recycling industry *Go green!*

I am originally from British Columbia, I moved to Ottawa because one of the items on my bucket list was to take a picture next to the centennial flame..

Although I have done that.. I no longer have the picture of me doing it.. So I will have to do it again..

I have hippophobia.. But the word hippophobia makes me laugh..

I love coffee.. I want it to be my best friend..

I am currently.. And unsuccessfully trying to lose the baby weight from my second child. I have also joined a Facebook page that talks about embracing your curves, because I would love to do just that.. I just don’t want to have so much to embrace..

I would love to go back to school and learn languages.. As many as I can get my hands on.. As well as go to school for hair dressing and esthetics..

I am not sure how long this about me page is supposed to be.. So I am going to keep talking about random shit until I run out of things to say.

I love and miss my dad dearly.. He is not dead.. He is just back home in BC..

I actually miss most of my family.. I come from a big family.. And am living where I am related to no one. My boyfriend is am only child.. And the son of two only children.. It must have been lonely for him growing up..

I never go out anymore.. I probably should.. I would love to.. To go to a bar.. Sing drunken karaoke even though I don’t actually drink. I can play the part..

I can’t think of anything else to say now.. So I am going to get up and make breakfast for the family..

And drink coffee.. Beautiful.. Wonderful.. Magical.. Coffee..

Oh how I love coffee..

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