Why are you reading this? Scroll down for the good stuff.

I’m at his house meeting his new dog “Kate”

She is still a puppy.. full of energy.. ready to go, go, go and play all day. I get down to her level and give her attention and ask him where his toys are for her. She has energy, she wants to run it off.. I want to play with her. He gives me one unused tennis ball and says she knows how to play fetch.

I let Kate sniff the ball for a brief second and throw it as hard as I can, Kate bolts like lightning to get the ball and bring it back. It was a quick retrieval since I don’t throw very hard.

I turn and look at him. “Do you have a throwing arm?” He grins shoves his t-shirt sleeve up, flexes his bicep and gives me that teasing look. I laugh and shake my head.. “No, just no.. I meant one of those throwing arm things that get the ball going further out.. Long.. plastic.. cradle for the tennis ball.. any of this ringing a bell?”

“No, I don’t have one, we have a big yard, she has a lot of energy, she just runs”

“You need toys for her stimulation silly, she won’t always have this energy, get her used of playing with toys NOW, let’s go buy some for her”

“Let’s? She’s doing just fine, if YOU want to buy her new toys, that’s on you”

“Fine, my treat, we’ll go to the store and I’LL get a bunch of new toys for Kate and see what she likes the best” We head over to his truck “Kate, come” he orders and she leaps into the back seat.

We head over to the nearest pet store and I put Kate on her leash so we can head in and do some shopping. A sales associate comes over and offers her assistance.

He and I begin talking over each other:
Me: We’re looking for high energy toys for Kate here
Him: SHE’S looking for toys for Kate
Me: I’M looking for toys because you’ll enjoy them too!
Him: This is just some lame excuse to try and kidnap my dog
Me: If I wanted to do that… We’d have to be closer to my place not yours..
Sales Associate: Awww, you guys make a cute couple. How long have you been together?
Me: *Stunned* Ummmm.. We’re..
Him: You hear that? *hard slap on the back* We’re a cute couple!
Me: *elbow him in the gut* Sure we are sparky.. Can we get back to the matter at hand please? High energy toys for Kate.. 2 of everything
Kate: *tail wagging, head butting*
Him: TWO?? Are you trying to rob me blind here?
Me: MY treat remember?
Him: As if I was actually going to make you pay for it.. I might now.. Fuck.. 2 of everything..
Me: Shut up.. I’LL buy it.. as I promised to.

The sales associate gets a kick out of us and scans our stuff for Kate. He and I both go to give the associate our cards to pay for the toys. He snatches my card out of my hand and hands the associate his card to swipe. I shove him and take my card back and he laughs.

We head back to the truck me holding Kate, him the toys and head back to his place.

Once we get there I let Kate out and take off her leash so she can run. I take the bag and grab the throwing arm with a fresh tennis ball and fling the ball as hard as I can. Kate takes off and he grabs the arm out of my hand. “It’s dinner time, she needs to come inside to eat”

I roll my eyes and wait for her to show up while he heads inside to get dinner on the table.

I sit outside with Kate for a while and pet her, so full of energy, so happy and I ask her “Do you want dinner?”

Gone, into the house, didn’t hesitate, didn’t look back to see if I was coming.

I walk into the house and see her scamper for her bowl of food and see him in the kitchen standing over the stove. He hears me approaching and turns to see me.

I put my hair up in a messy bun and ask him “Is there anything I can to help?”

He slams the fry pan back on the now turned off stove and give me an angry look. He walks toward me and grabs my wrist “I hate it when you do that to your hair”

He leads me out of the kitchen, through the living room, up the stairs, down the hall and finally to his bedroom. I stand there at the foot of his bed and he slowly lowers me onto the bed and begins kissing my neck.

He puts his arms on either side of me on the bed and I begin crawling backwards onto the bed so my legs aren’t dangling over the edge.. With my every step backward he crawls over me at the same pace. When I am far enough on the bed for his liking he puts his hand on my chest and shoves me down onto the bed and presses his strong hard body down onto mine.

He stares down at me and still looks a little angry, and now he’s waiting.

I look back up at him, waiting to understand what he wants. I’m getting uncomfortable with this heated silence, my neck is still tingling from his beard. I want more, but I don’t know if I can move.

Finally after 30 seconds of eternity I grab his muscular neck and pull him down on me. Pressing my lips against his was an instant relief. He felt it too. He groaned and kissed me back.. hard.

He grabs my hair and starts yanking out the bun to free my hair, then wraps his fingers in my hair and squeezes, just enough to take control of my head. I wrap my arms around him and feel every muscle in his back rippling beneath my fingers.

“Take, my shirt off” He orders and he continues kissing me. My hands scamper to the buttons on his shirt and shakily unbuttoning them all.. pulling his shirt off his arms one by one and tossing it aside. My hands are now touching his naked back. His hot skin under my finger tips is electrifying.

He begins undoing his jeans and slides them off over me and I hear them thunk as they hit the floor on the foot of the bed. He unbuttons my jean shorts and slides the zipper down and suddenly he stops, lifts himself onto his fists and looks at me again. This time I know what he wants.

I slide my shorts off as he stares me in the eyes. He’s pleased, I see it in his face. He lowers himself down and slides his hard cock easily into my wet and waiting pussy and just leaves it there.

That first penetration nearly gets me there and then he stills, I’m dying inside. He gets heavier on top of me as his hand reach for the bottom of my shirt and begin pulling upward. I hold my breath, I can’t believe this is happening. I reach for my bra and he grabs my hand and shoves it back down onto the bed unclasps my bra with the other hand and slides my bra off & tosses it aside.

We’re both naked now, pressed into the bed and he thrusts once more and my entire body begins to ripple with pleasure.

He’s forceful, but calm throughout. I knew who was in charge and I let him control me. I loved that he made me feel like his woman.

His hard cock pushing deep inside me, his hips spreading my thighs wider apart with every thrust I felt my hips expanding I could hear his deep, heavy breathing growling in my ear as he give one final hard push and whispers my name under his breath and wraps his arms around me tight.

We lay there silently. I feel his heart slowing, his breath returning to normal, his arms transitioning from a controlling hold to a protective embrace. He rolls off me and falls asleep beside me. I quietly roll off the bed, get dressed and go downstairs to pack up dinner, let the dog out to go to the bathroom, put her inside again and finally.. go home.


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