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The shadow

At work, as usual.. and I see some cute stranger trying to get into the main office. I ignore it because I have things to do in the morning anyway.

He comes over to my window and introduces himself and tells me that my boss is expecting him. I call my boss to confirm and give him the strangers name and he is indeed expecting him. I tell the stranger to wait by the office door and that I will buzz him in.

So my cute boss and his cute shadow are wandering around the work place and I’m watching as they have animated conversations about how our operation works. I later find out that my boss is training this guy for his position for another location..

Another big boss man.. Nice..

I am about to go on my break and the guy replacing me and I are both watching our boss with his shadow as they disappear into the warehouse and I mention that I think the shadow dude is HOT.. My breaker says “Eww” as if I’m not supposed to be attracted to people.

I laugh at him and say “It’s okay you’re still my favorite *insert my position with a feminine title*”

He first takes it as a compliment until he realizes the title I just gave him. He side eyes me and says “Oh gee, thanks” and I laugh.

Just then my boss comes into my little office.. Sans shadow.. I look out the window in both directions to see if the shadow is following him and my coworker says “Chill woman, he’s not that hot” and I reply almost shouting “I’m allowed to look!”

My boss laughs when he realizes what we are talking about and tells me that the guy is in the warehouse.

I tell him “Fantastic, I think it’s about time I take my break” wink at them both and make my way into the warehouse for my break, knowing they are going to talk about me when I leave.

I sit back and watch the shadow talking to our warehouse manager and just sit back enjoying the view.

When my boss goes back into the warehouse he sees me quietly checking out the shadow and he grins. I smile back at him and watch him go back to his trainee and they start doing a little manual labor.. HOT.. Nothing hotter than 2 good looking men working up a sweat.. muscles flexing as they grab heavy objects.

My boss is teaching him how to be a flexible boss.. a good boss is one that helps out whenever he knows his employees need it..

“Good boy.. we need more men like you in our lives” I think to myself as I wait until the very last second before I go back to work. I’m enjoying the view too much to want to go back early.

I get back to work and it’s work as usual until the end of the day.

When it is closing time I get my closing paperwork done and head in. Just as I get in, the shadow is leaving and I pipe up “How was the tour today?”

“Excellent” He responds

“You’re with one of the best, I’d expect nothing less.” I wink at him and tell him to have a good evening.

My boss and all my coworkers are already in the warehouse and are laughing at our brief encounter and my boss tells me “You’re bad, you know that?”

Without thinking that his shadow is STILL right behind me I say “What? I asked him how his day was, It’s not like I grabbed his ass! I mean come on, it’s not like I’d do that.. There are too many security camera’s around here to do that anyway”

The shadow dude… heard.. everything

Nice Big Mama… nice..

I think that foot in my mouth just went down to my knee.. I’ll never get the foot out of my mouth NOW…

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