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My company is pretty big.. we’re international in fact.. we have locations around Canada & the United States.. we ship around the world.. we’re titans..


We’ve recently acquired a new company.. which for a long time.. have been our competitors.. HUGE in the business world.. HUGE

They too were titans of our industry.. it would be like McDonalds buying out Burger King.. and kind of a coupe for us..


With the sad reality of a buy out like this.. comes mass lay offs.. and my co-worker and I have been watching as people have been getting their pink slips and going..

It’s a sad occasion.. to be on the ground watching as people who’ve been working there forever are suddenly.. just gone.. unnecessary..
Here I am.. 33 years old.. I still look young enough to get ID’d when I buy smokes before going to work


And I’m teaching a man who has worked at the company for 32 years how to use our system to do the same job he’s done for ever..

All he keeps telling me is “This is how we USED to do things” “This is how we USED to do things”

I’ve seen enough to know that if he doesn’t learn our system of doing things that he’s going to lose his job.. and fast.. I’m one of 11 people who can take over his job without a second glance.. there are 5 more that could do his job in a week with a little bit of training within our company as well.. and he just can’t let things go

How can I tell a man that without sounding harsh? How can I tell him that he’s disposable.. after 32 years on the job.. 32 years of loyal service..


Me.. who has worked for my company for 2 years NEXT April.. who was still in diapers when he started doing this job..
I would hate to see him lose his job.. but the reality is.. if he doesn’t shut up and learn then that is exactly what is going to happen.. this job is all he knows by this point.. who is going to hire a 60 something year old man with 32 years at this one job.. someone a few years from his retirement age goal.. losing this job would devastate him & his family.. and to the owner of our company.. it will be:



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