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That awkward moment…

So I slept in until my “time to go” alarm..

Bolted for the bathroom to brush my teeth.. no time for a shower.. bleh


I wait for the elevator in my high rise & get to the ground floor.. go bolting out the building.. cross the street to my bus stop..

I forgot my bus pass..

I run allllllllll the way back to my apartment grab the bus pass and run back to the bus stop.. get back to the bus stop JUST on time..

And now I am sweating.. with no shower.. and no deodorant..


Bleh… double bleh.. nope.. no.. triple bleh… Good thing I have deodorant at work.. I can put some on when I get there..

I get to the Tim Hortons to buy my morning coffee & an extra coffee for the person that will inevitably pick me up on the way to work..

I give the person that picked me up his coffee.. we arrive at work & I can see another co-worker telling a story & running around..

Lively story.. why am I watching him from outside?


Creeper! I am such a creeper!

Come lunch time I go for lunch with a guy that has a crush on me.. the entire time out was awkward..

Especially when he threatened to spank me… … … *blink*

Work is quiet so I do my usual listen to loud music and sing very loudly totally off key and dance like I am having a seizure


Just to find out that the big boss is here.. like.. the owner of my location.. and has a perfect view of my shenanigans..

Aces Big mama.. aces..

Then when the big boss decides to leave he came to see me so he could say Merry Christmas & shake my hand..
He flagged me down to tell me so ahead of time.. so I watched him as he approached.. .. ..

Finally the day is over.. and the cute married guy at work offers me a ride to my bus stop and I take him up on it..

He drives me to my stop and says “See you next week” and I lean in for a kiss good night.. and he stares..

I am not sure if it was because he was oblivious to what I had just done or because he saw what I did and felt as awkward as I did..


So I chose to jump out of the car & pretend it never happened..

I am glad today is over..


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