Why are you reading this? Scroll down for the good stuff.

Every once in a while, I miss women.

There is just something so sensual about them.

I once met the most beautiful woman I could ever lay eyes on.. She was everything I could possibly want in a woman.. and more.

Of course this was all without actually knowing her.. but never the less.. leave me with my fantasy..


She had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen with long, long lashes that made her eyes look even bigger than they already were


She had this cute, nervous giggle that made me happy all over.. it was almost a gasp rather than a giggle.


Almost like she was embarrassed that I could make her laugh.

She had unbelievably long.. silky.. tanned legs.. They seemed to stretch on forever.. It would be so easy to get tangled in those legs..


But the thing I noticed the most about here was the way her lips looked like they were in a permanent shy smile.. The kind that looked like she desperately wanted to say something for my ears only… the kind that looked like the words were to be whispered along the length of my neck


The kind that would leave a slight chill as they lightly grazed my ear lobe.

The kind I want to stare at all day long… as she tells me about the weather.. her hobbies.. the way her key shines in the sun.. The kind I want to lean into and feel just lightly graze my hair when she whispers her secrets to me..


As I slowly slide my hands up her silky thighs.. I watch her lips purse in anticipation of what is to come next.. watching my mouth come closer.. seeing her bite her lower lip awaiting my kiss

Sexy Lip

Inching closer and smelling her sweet breathe as I lean in and draw my own lips closer to hers for that first electrifying contact..


The most exciting moment of that kiss isn’t the kiss itself.. it’s the moment just before it happens.. when your mouths are a millimeter away from each others.. you can feel her hot breath on your skin.. you can almost taste her but not just yet..

That aggravating anticipation that screams “If you don’t kiss me now I might die”

That heated excitement of that on coming first contact when you can’t wait another moment.

The knowledge that it’s going to happen.. you are leaning in.. she is responding to your every movement.. she is yours if you just take her into your arms.. if you seize that moment and make her your own..

That fraction of a second that takes it from a fantasy to a reality.. that turns your want into a need..

The very last moment before her lips touch yours…

THAT is the best part of the kiss..

I doubt that this blog makes much sense as I’m high on pain killers thanks to a sadist of a dentist..

Perhaps it’s the Percs I’m that are making me miss women.. perhaps it’s just been too long since I’ve actually been with a woman..

For now.. I’ll say good night and probably forget that I ever wrote this..

Good night


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