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1 good thing

Today has been a wreck.

I woke up late & had to cab to work. $50 I’ll never see again. Plus thay meant having to forego a shower.. so I can’t imagine what I smelled like to my customers & coworkers.

Being late I grabbed the first item of clothing I could find in the dark.. which ended up being my daughter’s sweater which contains 2% wool.. which I am allergic to.. so I have been itchy all day and am starting to develop a rash from it..

The owner of the company I work for did a tour of my location. Always fun to be silently judged by the COO

I messed up the important shipping I did today. I fixed it myself & called the person I needed to in order to correct the problem & ensure that the books didn’t show a double shipment.

Had a demanding customer have me make him 6 cash tickets while I was in the middle of a rush.

We were short handed at work today so no one got their full breaks today we were all sentenced to half hour lunches instead of 1 hour lunches.. at least I didn’t suffee alone in that.

And since I have been feeling ill lately I got myself a pregnancy test.. just incase.. because I don’t track my cycle.. which I really should.

I don’t know if I am pregnant or not as I haven’t taken the test.. but I forgot the clearly labeled box in my purse and a coworker saw it.. so I have a feeling that the entire circle of work friends I have.. all think I am pregnant now..

And the fact that I have been sick for a week now will blow that out of proportion..

But.. on the upside.. I got my only piece of photo id back.. something I have been searching for, for about a week now, and was about to give up and purchase a replacement for.. But thanks to a sweet old woman, I got it back.. that is one less thing I need to worry about..

Question of the day:
Not really a question.. more of a request.. tell me a joke or interesting fact.. I could use the cheer up.



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