Why are you reading this? Scroll down for the good stuff.

I have had one miserable fail after another lately.

Apparently, I am not Wonderwoman. What a terrible thing to find out.


It all started at the beginning of August.. I was chipper.. full of optimism.. energy.. I was tinkerbell on a caffeine high. I was looking forward to an upcoming challenge.. my coworker was going on vacation and I was taking over as many hours as I possibly could while she was away..

10 days in a row and I was looking forward to every one of them.. after all it was and time to get some much needed overtime as my budget has been hit hard by the cut back in my hours.. from 50 a week down to 6

Day 1


Big mama was ecstatic!

Day 2


I was cracking jokes and couldn’t be happier if you paid me to be… well.. no.. more money is always good..

Day 3


Bright eyed and bushy tailed… nothing could hold me back.. I was loving my job and loving life

Day 4


I was loving my hours.. I was loving my customers… I was loving my coffee… I wasn’t sure if it was loopy happy.. or loopy tired I was feeling but I still liked it..

Day 5


The tired was catching up with me.. but the happy far outweighed the tired.. besides.. it’s not like my work was being affected by it.. and HEY! I am half way done already.. home stretch time!

Day 6


The custies took a turn for the worse.. they were.. .. .. rude.. in aan unflattering way.. which is not like them.. either that or I just never noticed before that they could be.. perhaps it was the insomnia that had set it that was making me a little touchy..

Day 7


It really went all downhill from here.. I knew the moment I woke up and didn’t see a large pot of coffee with an IV sticking out of it… that it was going to be a long day..

Day 8


Shit hit the fan.. my custies couldn’t get paid for their efforts.. the ATM went down… I had a lot of complaints that day.. people yelling at me.. people asking me why I wasn’t fixing it.. As if I knew how to do it myself.. but there was hope.. someone was coming to fix it so it would be up and running for

Day 9


Liars… fucking liars.. the ATM wasn’t fixed the person who answered the call saw the issue and couldn’t do fuck all about it.. custies thought it was all my fault personally.. I lied to them and didn’t fix it.. I must be a she-devil.. I broke it on purpose to scam them out of their money.. Yes… yes that is exactly it.. which is why there is someone in “The Cage” handing out cash…

Day 10


The ATM was still broken but that is no matter.. I have forgotten my login.. my prescription glasses & my middle name by now.. so I was going to do what I do best by this point.. chant to myself “Don’t fall asleep” until the end of the day and ignore what the angry customers say until I get home..

Then… he came


The one customer that came on the wrong day.. at the wrong time.. and said the wrong thing to the wrong person. “I’ve been coming here for years, I know what I am doing, you don’t tell me how to do my job you fucking new bitch”





I was pissed.. I saw red.. I snapped.. He listened.. then he left.. thanking me..

Day 11


There is no day 11! It’s my day off!


Time to sleep in!


Time to play with my kidlet!


Then she loses her balance..
And grabs me for safety..
Or should I say.. .. grabs my hair..


I get yanked backwards and I hear a grinding noise in my neck…


I can’t take codeine because I am allergic.. and since oxys are no longer available in Canada all I would get is Naproxen and a pat on the back..

So.. tylenol.. advil.. and time.. both days off.. and my next work day.. I can barely move my neck..

I delay my Avon delivery because I bus and the thought of taking a bus during construction season with minor whiplash is almost as horrifying as actually doing it..

Then comes today.. I finally get to the point where I can walk almost pain free and I call my Avon custie and tell her I am going to deliver her, her order. I am opening the box with her order in it as we speak..

Wait a minute.. All there is in the box is 1 single catalog..


So I find the UPS slip and have to take 2 buses to get to the UPS delivery drop off or walk 40 minutes.. ummmm… I think I’ll bus.. but first I need to shower.. I get ready and as soon as I am.. the kidlet is sleeping..


So I wait… and wait.. and tell my custie that my kidlet is sleeping and that I would grab the box when she woke up and bring it over..

Kidlet takes a 2 hour nap.. then takes an hour to get ready to go.. then I get the bright idea to multitask.. I load another buspass on the Presto card and buy some bus tickets.. then the kidlet gets hungry.. so we eat.. and it is 5:30pm and we still don’t have the Avon..

I finally retrieve it and call the custie on my way home so I can organize the orders and price them..

I tell her the prices.. tell her I am on my way if it is not too late for her (it is 7:30pm by now) and get going..

There is construction all around my neighborhood so I decide to walk along the river so I can avoid the construction.. at the half way point.. the trail by the river is closed.. and there is a detour.. which will add 40 minutes onto my walk..


I reach for my phone to call my custie and tell her… i left my phone at home…


Fuck it!

I give up!

I am done!

I have been defeated..

Defeated by the day…

I am spent..

I am going home.. curling up on the couch.. and pretending today never happened..


Soooooooooooo…. how have you been?


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