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TGIF! I work at a gov’t building so I don’t work weekends

A woman came over to my job today and asked for a chicken wrap.. She put a bunch of stuff on it then asked for some grilled zucchini and I told her we sold out half an hour earlier..

She walked away.. No food.. No money exchanged.. Nothing.. So I was left with a wrap that no one at work wanted..

Then I remembered a homeless guy that had the most awesome sign I have ever seen..


I gave him the sandwich.. Then I took a picture of him and the sign.

I don’t think anyone reading my blog knows this.. But once upon a time.. I was homeless.. For about a year actually..

But I didn’t have to deal with the brutal cold winter that Ottawa gives.. I was on the west coast where the winters were cool & damp.. But snow didn’t last more than a month and the idea of wind chill factor was foreign..

I talked to the guy for a while.. He was really nice.. He accepted the wrap and had a really nice smile. I missed 3 buses giving him the food which of course made me late getting home.. Not really that bad though.

I went for a coffee date with a long time girlfriend I don’t see nearly enough of.. She is going to school now.. Something I wanted to do.. But we needed the money a little more urgently than my schooling..

If I ever get the early shift at work I will be making more money.. I will do home schooling then when we have some savings I will take the hairdressing course I have wanted to take most of my life..

For now.. I will settle for spending every afternoon and weekend with my girls and bringing in cash.. Grateful that I have a roof over my head.. Food in my stomach and love from so many wonderful people in much life..


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  1. His sign says it all! Too many people act as though being homeless is a disease they can catch. No one sees them as people. Its terrible, and can happen to ANYONE! Great post!

    • It really can happen to anyone.. I never thought I would end up homeless.. Now here I am.. 2 kids.. A job.. Saving for a house in the future & going back to school.

      Not everyone is so lucky.. I am just glad that I have such amazing people in my life.

      • Thanks for the response! Exactly so, anyone can walk that path. It is wonderful to hear you are keeping moving forward, and positive through it all. That is true strength. I truly do, wish you and your children all the luck. Having great people around you is the key to keeping you going. Best wishes, Bex

  2. kzackuslheureux said:


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