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My 11 year old is so independent.. She has always found a way to look at the bright side.. She didn’t do her laundry over the weekend so I told her to put her laundry in the wash when she got home last night & I would put it in the dryer when she was in bed.

I was still making dinner because it was my first time making cabbage rolls.. Not realizing that it was an all day meal..

I was also dealing with a spazzeming..
sore back

So I had a hot bath to try working out the ache..

And the baby was very clingy because as dictates childhood.. She is suffering from separation anxiety.. She has been more and more clingy as she has realized that mommy working is going to be a regular thing.

While I was in the bath I kept imagining a Wolf spider crawling out of my overflow drain.. Then when I stopped seeing that I saw Elans stuffed bird eating spider doing the same..

I freaked out and leapt out of the tub.. Wondering how a 30 year old woman still let her imagination get the better of her.

Anyway.. With all of that I forgot my older girls clothes.. I realized that when I was sleeping this morning and stirred a little when I heard the shower going.

My sweet.. Independent.. Chipper girl.. Went downstairs with the laundry card.. Switched the laundry herself.. Came up.. Got everything else ready for school while she waited for her clothes..

And when I apologized for not putting her clothes in the dryer.. She apologized for not telling me she did this morning but she as in the shower..

This morning could have gone sooooo much worse..

I really do have the best daughters in the world..

Now I feel like such a bad mom.. 😛


Comments on: "Feeling like a crappy mom right now.." (3)

  1. Ag, don’t feel bad. We all have our moments where we are not the perfect ‘mommy blogger’. You have obviously done a reasonably good job until now … hence her independance and A+ for maturity. I have a 9 year old who is also super independant, and I fear she is like that, ‘cos I am like I am … Survival of the fittest.

    • My older child has always even very independent.. Even as a baby.. I used to carry her everywhere.. My mom told me that doing that would make her spoiled and co-dependent, I of course being the rebellious daughter told her it wouldn’t..

      When she was 10 months old I put it to a test.. I sat Sarah down and walked into the kitchen without her.. And nothing.. She didn’t mind.. She quietly played with her bottle *mashed it into the floor to make a milk puddle* and waited my return..

      I had a coffee.. Started dinner and put a load of laundry in the wash.. None of it bothered her.. When I was done I picked her back up and she leaned on my shoulder babbling to her bottle as I held her in my arms.

      • Both my kids walked before 11 months. And I think it was becasue they realised that if they wanted something, they would have to do it for themselves. And, please note, that it was pure me at that stage: no meds, alcohol, or any other mood-altering substances.
        But I am so proud of them, both. They are self-reliant, and know how to stand up for themselves.

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