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Just Treats..

So.. Now I am down to one job.. And of course being a mom.. I am awake and wishing my stupid laundry card was working..

I put money on the laundry card and the machine gave me an error.. It took my money and didn’t add it to the card l.

I am going to go to the laundry room to check if the card has magically fixed itself and will let me do some laundry..

Phelps said they will fix is.. Swell.. I can’t wait for a month for them to finally mail me $50 via snail mail with an apology note..

This sucks.. All I want is to work.. Spend time with my family and get my god damn laundry..

Now I have a sitter who isn’t available before noon.. And no o e else available for the two days I need someone before noon..

Why isn’t going back to work easier than this?

I knew it wouldn’t be a cake walk.. But it has been an uphill battle since day one..

First I was hired before I find a sitter.. Then promised hours I never got.. Then got yelled at for not wanting the hours I didn’t ask for..

Is it terrible that I am complaining about too much work??

There are people out there unemployed and I am complaining about having two jobs and too much to do..

Perhaps I should be grateful..

What do you think?


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