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So I had 2 shifts next week at the place I gave my 2 weeks notice as of yesterday.. When I came in today there were no shifts by my name.. Just in time for thanksgiving weekend..

So.. The question is.. Do I get paid for thanksgiving still? Do I get to redeem the coupons I have earned and have yet to receive? What’s the deal?

I tried to get a hold of my boss to see.. She let it go to voicemail & didn’t return my call..

Are they really that mad at me? I tried to make it work with them.. I renegotiated a schedule with them.. It just didn’t make financial sense to stay.. I would end up in debt working for them.. I had to leave..

Now they won’t talk to me.. Cancelled my last shifts.. And haven’t let me know why.. Nor even let me know.. If I didn’t look at the schedule today I would have shown up ready for work for nothing..

I would have had my mother in law show up at my house for nothing.. She lives 40 minutes away..

Not cool..

I almost didn’t show up for my shift today.. I was feeling pretty ill this morning..

After the way they treated my customer last night I could have justifiably refused to anyway..

Meh.. Whatever.. The day is over.. It is best not to dwell.. I have two cute kids and an even cuter boyfriend to get home to…


Comments on: "Can you get fired after you quit?" (2)

  1. Natalia said:

    Ontario labour law quick facts:
    1) If you’ve worked 15 out of the 30 days before the stat holiday, you’re justified in being paid for the stat. Otherwise, you’re not.
    2) If you had been employed for longer than three months, they are legally obligated to give you your “usual” hours for the last two weeks, OR to not have you come in but still pay you for your “usual” hours for the last two weeks. Since you didn’t, unfortunately they can “lay you off” after you give your notice.

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