Why are you reading this? Scroll down for the good stuff.

I worked a 9 hour shift today.. I talked to my boss again once I got to work.. I gave her the hours I wanted at work.. She counter offered.. And between our hours.. I found the numbers (with the help of my boyfriend) that I would be making $5 a week.. After I pay for my sitter.. Before bills, transportation etc.. Definitely not enough to keep working there…

Now that my 9 hour shift is over.. I am sore all over.. I am sore in places I didn’t know were capable of being sore..

I was glad to get home and nurse my baby.. My pump was chewed thru thanks to my jealous cat.. I really wish he got along with her..

On a good note.. I won’t ever be too full again since I will be working 4 hour shifts from now on..

It is kind of a relief knowing that I will be working less hours a day.. I will have more time with my kids


I won’t enjoy the New job as much, but I will be making money.. Now to figure out how to make an extra $200 a month..

Any suggestions?? I would love a suggestion or two.. Something realistic though.. No get rich quick schemes..


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