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Happy Halloween!

Yay! I have been singing Nightmare before Christmas songs all morning long.. I love Halloween!

Even more so now that the big sister doesn’t want to be a princess AGAIN.. this year.. 7 years in a row.. O.o

Seven.. Years.. In.. A.. Row..

Me: what do you want to be for Halloween?
Sarah: a princess!

Me: what do you want to be for Halloween?
Sarah: a princess!

Me: what colour princess do you want to be for Halloween?
Sarah: a pink princess!

Me: what colour princess do you want to be for Halloween?
Sarah: a pink princess!

Me: You want to be a pink princess for Halloween?
Sarah: a pink princess!

Me: You want to be a pink princess for Halloween?
Sarah: a pink princess!

Me: You want to be a pink princess for Halloween?
Sarah: a pink princess!

Me: You want to be a pink princess for Halloween?
Sarah: I don’t want to be a princess this year..
Me: Falls over
Me: What?? No princess this year?!?!?
Sarah: No.. I am too old to be a princess for Halloween..
Me: 11 is too old?
Sarah: Yep.. I wanna be a black cat..
Me: Gets up jumps up and down screaming Yippie no more princess costumes! Falls back over..

As it turns out.. All of her friends are going to be black cats this year -.-*

*Jumps up and down*

Yay! No more princess costumes!!!!!!!

What are your plans for Halloween?

A very late blog..

For the few readers I have acquired.. You know I blog pretty early in the day..

It is now 9:00pm and I am finally writing..

It has been a long and sleep deprived day.. I have been awake since 2am thanks to Hurricane Sandy & a light sleeping baby..

Who woke up to rattling windows and refused to go back to bed until 5:30am.. Which just happens to be the time I wake up to get ready for work..

So I have been up for 19 hours now and the baby.. Tho cranky.. Is showing no signs of being tired..

She also took a short nap today & when it was my time to laydown with her.. She woke up.. And wouldn’t go back to sleep.

Aaaaaaaaand.. I got 4.5 hours of sleep last night..


And the older one earned an early bedtime by yelling at me..

I told her to get ready for bed.. I knew she wasn’t..

She always “gets ready” then half an hour after she is supposed to be ready and turning off her lights.. She goes into the bathroom and spends half an hour in there “brushing her teeth & peeing”

So I asked her repeatedly.. Did you get ready for bed?


Are you sure you are ready for bed?


You brushed your teeth?


You have your pull up on?


Then she starts playing..

I tell her that it is bedtime not playtime.. That she should only be out of bed if she still needs to finish getting ready..

She says okay and doesn’t go to bed.. So I ask her again if she is ready.. Since she wasn’t making a move for the bed..

She yells at me: I AM ready for bed!

As she goes to start playing again..

You did NOT just yell at me.. Lights out.. Go to bed.. NOW..

“But I didn’t go pee!”

You must have.. You just told me 5 times that you were ready for bed.. You just yelled at me for asking you if you were sure.. Lights out.. NOW.. And you will get “THIS” back.. In the morning.. Removes play object from child’s hand

Suddenly I am the worst mom ever according to her.. To which I replied..

After the way you acted tonight.. You are lucky going to bed right now & losing a toy over night is all you are getting.. I suggest you keep your mouth shut unless you want to lose more..

Big mama needs a good nights rest.. O.o

How was your day?

Busy busy busy..

Woke up at 5am to nurse the baby before work.

I haven’t stopped running since.. O.o

Worked until 10:30

Picked up the baby

Came home to change her and eat a quick bite

Went to the grocery store and did price matching shopping.. WHICH by the way is a lot more time consuming than regular shopping

In the end it was worth it though.. I got $100 worth of groceries for $60..

And to think.. That was without coupons.. Wow.. If I had the energy for coupons AND price matching I would save so much money.. I see why people with the time & savvy do this..

I am exhausted though.. Perhaps next time I bring my boyfriend to help carry it and bring the baby home..

Juggling her stroller, the groceries & the diaper bag was a bit much for someone awake and on her feet for 9 hours previous..

Well.. Time to relax before making dinner..

Do you coupon? Any tips on how to make it easier?

TGI-w00t w00t!

I hate myself for even typing that.. Hahahaha

It is Friday.. It is payday.. I have the whole weekend off.. And I am having a nap as soon as I am done this blog..

So many reasons to be happy at this very moment šŸ™‚

A girlfriend of mine stopped by today and bossed me around *cough*


She ordered food..

And paid for it..


I could totally tell that it is Friday today.. I was all thumbs.. O.o

I dropped a sandwich off of a solid surface.. Without even picking it up!

Now that takes talent..

I forgot to add a persons egg to their egg sandwich.. That takes Jenius with a capital J..

And I forgot to bring my bank card with me to work on payday..

I am all kinds of awesome today!

So how is your beautiful Friday going?

You are no longer a NOOM goddess

I am trying to lose weight since having the baby..

My issue is that my appetite hasn’t decreased since having the baby.. I am told this is because I am still nursing which takes a lot of energy.

Is it normal to still have a pregnancy appetite when breastfeeding or am I completely mental?

I am eating healthier and am now working on my feet 4 hours a day so I should be losing something.. I think I am maintaining my weight though..

None of my clothes fit differently and I am still having back issues..

My milk is also having issues.. Between working (which means nursing less) & being more active.. My milk production has slowed.. So I can’t really push myself because IĀ  worried that I will stop producing milk all together if I do..

And I am sure that the worry of my milk production isn’t helping.. Yet I can’t stop myself.. I am my own worst enemy..

I have been doing NOOM on my phone for a while and though I have been following it as best as I can, I am falling behind on tracking and logging everything..

Before I was employed I could focus 2 minutes to follow the instructions.. But now.. I don’t have time to think let alone log stuff..

That in itself is so demotivating..

Anyway.. I am off to work now.. I may blog later.. I may take a nap..

Stay tuned to find out!

This blog has no title

I woke up at 5am this morning and nursed the baby in her sleep.. She slept nursed for close to 45 minutes..

I went to work with wet hair which was disastrous because I had to put a visor & hair net on..

Oh yeah.. Sexy hat head on my freshly cut hair..

I forgot my phone at home today and didn’t even notice.. O.o
I guess I am not as addicted to my instant gratification as I thought..

It is so nice to be home for 11am and know that I am back in charge of Kaylee’s nap schedule.. If you can call it a schedule.. I would like to get her down for a single long nap so she will sleep at night.

When she was with the sitter she napped early and short.. So she would take a second time and stay up all night.

Now that I am home beforehand.. I can lay with her which will lengthen her nap.. And let me resume some guilt free naptime too

Yay for mommy!

I just watched “The daily show” where Barack Obama said “Not Optimal” oh my god people shut up!

He DID say it was tragic.. Listen to his WHOLE speech rather than cherry picking two little words to try and make him look bad.. It just makes you look stupid..

This election makes me happy I am Canadian.. The shit people talk about their president gives me a headache..

If you guys don’t want him can we have him?? Barack has done so much for you guys and you are so damn ungrateful..

Before Obama:
Employment was taking a nose dive
Bin Laden completely eluded the previous president
Health care? What health care?!?!?

Obama is making it better.. No it isn’t EXACTLY what you wanted it to be at, but damn.. What support did he get in fixing any of it??

He was given a shit storm and a toothbrush to clean it up with.. And still got stuff done!!!

Barack Obama.. If you don’t get elected in the states come on up to Canada.. I would love you to be our next Prime Minister..

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur..

I gave my cat up to the SPCA today.. A sad occasion.. He is 3.5 year old orange tabby.

I have tried everything to get him to like the baby.. He just doesn’t like babies I guess..

So when faced with the choice of baby or cat.. The choice is pretty straight forward..

I said goodbye to mister jackolantern who refused to get out of his carrier for me. I have been switched to the morning shift so my shift now ends at 10:30am..

I will no longer be needing a regular sitter anymore.. Just an occasional one when my boyfriend opens the store.

We went grocery shopping hungry today.. Huge mistake.. We blew our budget right out of the sky.. Crashed it into the ocean and splattered it all along the oceans surface.. Then watched as it slowly sank to the bottom of the the deepest ocean canyon..

My boyfriend concurs with my statement..

So we ate afterwards.. And as I my lunch.. I began to think of all the unnecessary items we bought.. *shakes head* it is a good thing I got my last pay from my other job and am getting paid from my current job this Friday or we’d be 5 kinds of screwed..

I will be resuming afternoon nap with the baby now that I have a schedule that allows it.

For now.. I am signing off with a picture of my beloved Jackie.. And a hope that he will find a home that can give him all the love and attention he deserves..


Apparently Monday isn’t the only one to blame..

Today was filled with confusion as well..

Apparently I didn’t tell the sitter last night that I needed her for noon today not 10am..

Poor thing waited at our meeting place for 20 minutes with her baby.

I have good news! Well for me anyway.. The morning shift person wants to switch shifts after all.. Which is great!

But the sitter just started a month ago and now I will only need her maybe once a week now.. Which is a huge hour cut.. I feel sorta bad about that..

But I really want out of this bloody apartment building and saving on a sitter means savings in the bank for a house..

Or at least moving expenses to a townhouse.

I actually don’t think the shift switch was a genuine offer at first.. The woman I am switching with laughed when she asked me.. She laughed even harder when I said yes..

My boss has asked me 5X now if I plan on showing up for 6:30am.. Then seems surprised everytime I say yes.

I wonder if the morning shift girl thinks I am joking.. Am I going to show up and see her in uniform with a coffee in her hand and a surprised look on her face??

I guess I will find out tomorrow.

I wonder if the old guy is going to think I quit today.. Funny story.. He has been eyeballing me since I started here.. He hasn’t said more than good afternoon & his order to me though.

Today he finally gets the nerve to “ask me out”.. By ask me out I mean he said something to me about a religion he doesn’t follow then said he would like to take me sometime to see it.. In his car.. To the place with the religious thing.. Whenever I am not working..

Now I am going to be working the morning shift and will be long gone when he goes to get his usual lunch order..

How has your Tuesday been?

Oh dear.. It must be Monday..

So.. I wake up.. Thinking damn.. I don’t wanna wake up.. I get ready to go out early so I can bring the baby to her sitter & playgroup day.

Lucky me the sitter can’t make it to playgroup so I can relax and have breakfast..

Guess what sweet wonderful chewable issuable squeezable baby decides to fall back asleep??

You guessed it.. Mine..

I get her stuff ready to go.. I sit and have my coffee.. And do a little surfing online to try and make some money..

I look at the time and realize.. I gotta get going..

Crap.. The baby is still sleeping..

Crap.. She needs another diaper change..

Crap.. She wants to nurse before she goes..

Okay.. Time to go..

Crap.. Half way to where the sitter is going to meet me and I realized I forgot my uniform.. I have to turn around and get it..

I finally get the baby to her sitter and I left my darn bus pass in the stroller..

There goes my bus.. *bang head on mental wall while chasing down sitter*

And.. Miss another bus on the way back.. Third one doesn’t take me to work..

Now I am on bus number 4 & am gonna be late for work..

It must be Monday..

Help fight Hobophobia

TGIF! I work at a gov’t building so I don’t work weekends

A woman came over to my job today and asked for a chicken wrap.. She put a bunch of stuff on it then asked for some grilled zucchini and I told her we sold out half an hour earlier..

She walked away.. No food.. No money exchanged.. Nothing.. So I was left with a wrap that no one at work wanted..

Then I remembered a homeless guy that had the most awesome sign I have ever seen..


I gave him the sandwich.. Then I took a picture of him and the sign.

I don’t think anyone reading my blog knows this.. But once upon a time.. I was homeless.. For about a year actually..

But I didn’t have to deal with the brutal cold winter that Ottawa gives.. I was on the west coast where the winters were cool & damp.. But snow didn’t last more than a month and the idea of wind chill factor was foreign..

I talked to the guy for a while.. He was really nice.. He accepted the wrap and had a really nice smile. I missed 3 buses giving him the food which of course made me late getting home.. Not really that bad though.

I went for a coffee date with a long time girlfriend I don’t see nearly enough of.. She is going to school now.. Something I wanted to do.. But we needed the money a little more urgently than my schooling..

If I ever get the early shift at work I will be making more money.. I will do home schooling then when we have some savings I will take the hairdressing course I have wanted to take most of my life..

For now.. I will settle for spending every afternoon and weekend with my girls and bringing in cash.. Grateful that I have a roof over my head.. Food in my stomach and love from so many wonderful people in much life..

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